October 6, 2022

On October 6, 2022, Kara-Murza was additionally charged with high treason under Article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code. Kara-Murza has been indicted after speaking out critically against the Russian authorities three times – at public events in Lisbon, Oslo, and Washington, DC. Specifically, Kara-Murza criticized the legitimacy of the election campaign, including the presidential election in 2024 in Russia in one instance. In another, he claimed that Russia is engaged in state terror by prosecuting and killing its citizens on political grounds. In a third instance, he pointed out the existence of "an information iron curtain" in the Russia that needs to be destroyed to provide citizens with the truth about the situation in Ukraine and the commission of war crimes. He now risks an additional sentence of up 20 years if convicted on high treason charges.

Currently, Kara-Murza remains in Moscow Detention Center 5.